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Products catalog

We work daily to provide accurate and up-to-date information about our online product catalog but we can not always guarantee it in full. When discrepancies occur between the information presented on the site about a particular product and the actual characteristics of the same, the customer is entitled to terminate the contract with the return of all amounts paid.

In the same way, also the prices shown may be subject to errors of presentation so if at the time of the shipment of your order a difference is detected, we will inform you. If the actual price is lower than advertised, we will refund the difference and if it is higher, we offer you the option to accept or not the new proposal.

Prices and product specifications are subject to change without notice.

The offer of products in the online store is independent of the physical stores, there being no connection between them and therefore not always coinciding. If we do not have availability of a product ordered, the customer will be informed of the cancellation of his order and entitled to the reimbursement of all the amounts paid.

When a product is labeled "Available for in-store collection" it means that it is likely to be ordered through our In-Store Collection Service but not that it is available at that time in all of our physical stores. More information here.


Stock management policy

We seek to keep our product offering up-to-date on our website through daily inventory management. However, due to the impossibility of 100% real-time updating of our online stocks, all orders are subject to physical stock confirmation.


Pricing and promotions policy

The prices and promotions applied to the products of your order will be those indicated on the website at the time of making your purchase, regardless of the offers or promotions that exist on the day of delivery of the order.

All promotions in force in our online store (marked with a "before" price and a "now" price) are limited to the existing stock. All orders made by customers are subject to physical confirmation of stock due to the impossibility of guaranteeing the complete real-time updating of the online platform.